Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving is Over So Bring On...

So, we got over the pressure of Thanksgiving and the guilty feeling of overindulging ourselves with the best foods you can put on a table. 

Now that we survived that, lets think about those deals we captured during Black Friday.  I for one can tell you that I totally hate Black Friday, but shocking enough people were opened on Thanksgiving Day.  Whatever happened to family time????  Anyway, neatless to say, I am curious to know how many AWESOME and aMAIzing deals the crafting ladies found on Black Friday???

I know what I want Old DEAR Santa to bring me, but just tell me what is the ONE crafty item that you want this Christmas!!!

What is the one thing that you can't live without this coming NEW CRAFTY Year!  Also what is the ONE thing you did not like from this past year.

I know that this year that I stumbled across some of the best adhesive blings...I mean they are TOTALLY the best!!! I just have to give Want 2 Scrap the Academy Award for best adhesive BLING!  You can totally bling out ALL your projects, and with their amazing prices you can definitely afford to not one but MANY of theses awesome blings.  To see more visit Want 2 Scrap at  I can't forget about Canvas Corp, whom I can honestly say is SOOOO farout, there is SOOO much you can do with their products.  OH, and let  me not forget about Donna Salazar and her online classes which can be found in her ning site, so be sure to check that AWESOME site. 

So, when I analzed all my crafty tools and all my crafty things, I must say that I could not forget about the digital images.  I have used various digital images, but I must tell you that are a few that I am a frequent shopper to:  Beatriz with Iralamija on her etsy shop.  These are some of the cutest vintage shabby images that you can totally find.  They go perfectly well with any of your crafty projects this coming year.  So, be sure to visit her etsy store at  These are not only darn cute but they are also affordable.

Ok, so I let you in on some of my favorite picks, now let me hear from you.  I will be sure to post more of my GREAT 2012 Picks in the next weeks to come.  Let the count down begin!

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