Friday, March 22, 2013

A Mother's Love Canvas

For those that don't know me, I lost my mom to cancer in 2008, and she is the reason why I started my paper crafting passion.  What started to be something that I wanted to learn how to create a simple album to hold all her lovely memories turned into a total paper crafting passion.

A Mother's Love is something I created using some of the things my mom loved and enjoyed as an inspiration.  My mom had a passion for flowers, and I have never had a green finger, but I truly enjoy flowers that are made out of paper, they are totally easy to maintain, and I don't feel guilty if they die.

I wanted to created almost like an illusion of my mom.  It's been several years since she past away, and those first couple of years, it was very hard for me.  Seems like every time I closed my eyes she was there and I missed her terribly, but now I have to try to remember how she looked and how she talked, because they are slowly fading away.

My mom wasn't big into makeup, she was when she was much younger, but as she became a mom, she did less of makeup and more into her natural beauty.  In fact, I still remember how flawless her skin was.  She had gorgeous skin, and maybe it was due to her no wearing tons of makeup.  She lathered her skin with moisturizer, and I hated being reminded to moisturize, but now I just wish I had listened.  My mom was great gardener, she could literally make any plant come to life.  She definitely had a green thumb, where as I had a thumb that would kill just about any living plant.

To begin my project I tried to focus on the things she enjoyed and things she didn't like.  For instance, my mom would never have been caught dead in a dress, I think in my life time I recall her wearing a skirt only once.  She was never fond of anything with flower prints, so to spice it up, I added her favorite and not so favorite just because I can now play dress-up.  As I worked on this piece all I could think of was boy is she mad at me for dressing her up in a flowery dress, but since it's my art I think I can do it!

Materials Used:
  • Sakura Hobby Craft - Terri Sproul Shimmer Mixers
  • Sakura Hobby Craft - 3D Crystal Lacquer
  • Gesso
  • Modge Podge
  • Scraps of pattern paper
  • Want2Scrap - Frilly Flourish Swirl White Pearls
  • Prisma Color Water Color Pencils
  • Chicken Wire Stamp
  • Scripture Stamp
  • Acrylic Paint Various Colors
  • Daler Rowney Watercolor pad
  • Daler Rowney Simply  Oil Pastels
  • Kraft Paper
  • Distressing Ink
  • Cotten Ball
  • Writer Archival Quality Pigment Ink Pen
  • 8 x 10 Daler Rowney Canvas
  • Sharpie Fine Point Black Marker
  • Brushes

My mom had big eyes, so I began drawing her face as I remember her on watercolor paper. I drew a somewhat's of a circle with a pencil and filled in the face.  Once you have drawn in the face.  Apply some Gesso allow to dry. Once dry you can start coloring in with your Prisma watercolor pencils.

Remember this is your drawing and it doesn't have to be perfect, but to tell you a short story, in 2001 my mom had collagen inserted into her lips.  My mom had beautiful lips prior to the collagen but she wanted her lips fuller, and the look on my face when I saw her come home with big thick lips was something I will never forget.  

Ok, so here is her in a skirt and trust me she wasn't one to wear skirts.  

If you look carefully the face is 3D and that is because my last step to creating the face was to apply Sakura's 3D Crystal Lacquer to the entire face and letting it dry for several hours.   

Once you have the face complete you can move on to playing dressup with scrap pieces of paper.  I used Sakura's Terri Sproul shimmer mixers to my mom's dress to give it more of a shimmery look and to top it off I applied a piece of trim.

Now the canvas is a Daler Rowney 8 x 10 canvas, and I prepped it up using some Gesso!  Once the Gesso dried up I started to paint.  I used various colors of acrylic paint and to my orange paint I applied a bit of Terri Sproul's Shimmer Mixers which I added a bit of Sakura's 3D Crystal Lacquer, it gave it a glazed shimmer look.

The butterflies I cut out pieces from BoBunny's Country Garden Collection applied some Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer allowed to dry for several hours and I had a eye popping 3D butterfly.  Prior to applying the Lacquer I dabbed the butterflies with some of Terri Sproul's Shimmer Mixer to give them some shimmer as well, then I coated with the 3D Lacquer.

Can you just see how it shimmers with Terri Sproul's Shimmer Mixers LOVE IT!

It doesn't have to be completed perfect because remember it is mixed media and it's suppose to be fun, not perfect.

I used random stamps that I had to stamped the canvas once I had adhered the pattern paper to the painted canvas.  I also had to throw in some of Want2Scrap Frilly Flourish Swirl White Pearls.  My mom loved jewelry so I had to make sure I added some of her favorites.  Now, she didn't like eyeshadow but that was just me playing dressup and it was fun to do.

I made the heart also using Terri Sproul's Yellow Shimmer Mixer and mixed with Sakura's 3D Crystal Lacquer.  I hope you enjoyed my A Mother's Love Canvas!  

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Want2Scrap Design Team

Well, as many of you already know I am the new Design Team member for Want2Scrap.  I'm super excited about this new journey/adventure.  I love designing but not as much as I love Want2Scrap's bling and products.

You know I always say that the supplies you use for your craft projects makes a huge difference, and it's definitely a true statement.  When you are shopping for things to make your next project think of things that will say BAM, and Want2Scrap does just that.  From their blings, to their chipboard, to their charms everything they carry definitely says that they are TOP Quality, which equals a TOP Notch Project!

So, join me in my new adventures as I create, bling, and share with Want2Scrap!

Here is something I just created using their AWESOME Frilly Flourish Swirl White Pearl BLING!!! Now what girl won't want to step out looking like she owns the runway!

Cute, Adorable, and definitely Want2Scrap bling!  Check out Want2Scrap at and add these swirls to your shopping cart!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pretty Girl Baby Onesie

So, I wanted to make something a bit different with my Baby Onesies, and of course, I couldn't finish my project without using some of my all time favorite products.  For this card I couldn't help but to use Buttons Galore & More Pretty Girl Brads.  The brads were just perfect for this project!

Now if you look at this Pretty Girl Onesie it has a tutu that I made out of toule and trim.  I love how this card turned out.

Let's talk about some of the things I used to create this Pretty Girl  Onesie card.  

Materials Used to Create this Pretty Girl Onesie Card:
To create this card just follow my tutorial that can be found via Want2Scrap's blog at or their ustream channel
The technique is the same just play around with the toule and I found that the best way is to do a running stitch and adhere to the card.  Once you have it glued to the card just hot glue the trim to cover up the running stitch at the top of the toule.  for the Pretty Girl brad I snipped the back of the brad in order to adhere it to the card, it just made it better than trying to punch a hole to the card.  Once I snipped the back of the brad I adhered to the card using hot glue.  

Now you know no card is fairly complete unless I add bling so to top this card I used Want2Scrap Maxxi Girl Pearl Swirl and one of their newest products which is the crown charm that you see at the top of the sleeve.

I hope you enjoyed this take on my baby girl onesie wearing a tutu!  Be sure to check out Buttons Galore & More and Want2Scrap!

Monday, March 18, 2013

How to create a Baby Onesie Card

I love creating things that are cute, simple, and yet fun to make.  Last Friday, I had my very first class via Want2Scrap's ustream channel and we created a cute onesie card using Want2Scrap new charms.  I like to think outside the box and when I see something I think of unique ways to use it, and that is exactly what I did with Want2Scrap new charms.
When you think of charms you immediately think about using them in either a necklace or bracelet, but what we did this past Friday was to create a cute onesie card that is perfect for any expecting mother or birth announcement.  There are so many things you can create with charms and to be honest the sky is the limit.  You just need to think outside the box, and Want2Scrap makes it very easy for you to do just that!
So, exactly how do you create a onesie card?  Honestly it's very simple and with a few simple steps you will be on your way to creating cute onesie cards that will WOW everyone.
Here is what we created together Friday night:
blue onsie stork
blue onsie2
How do you create this cute onesie card, well here is what you need to get started:

Materials Used to Create a Baby Onesie using Want2Scrap Charms:
The first thing you need to do is to gather all your supplies and then think baby!
Here are the steps:
Step One cut cardstock 5 x 11" and score at 5 1/2".
Onsie measurements

Step Two:  Cut 4 pieces of your designer paper at 5 x 5/12" and adhere to card.
Step Three:  Once the four pieces of designer paper has been adhered, cut your semi circles like shown below.  I used a mason jar and drew my semi circles.  Make sure your Designer paper is already adhered to your cardstock before you begin drawing and cutting.
onsie measurement2
Step Four:  Cut out your semi circles, be sure to use either an xacto knife or a good pair of paper cutting scissors.    Once you do that measure on both sides 1 1/2" from top and make a small mark and then from the marks measure in and draw a line on both sides 1 1/2" like you see in the photo.  Then  make a line that almost looks like the number 7 (line is end to end) . Cut those out and you can now see how the Onesie had taken form.
onsie measurement4
onsie measurement5

Now, you can start dressing up your onesie card.  What I did was to glue the trim around the legs, necklines, and sleeves with trim.  I used hot glue and you will have to work pretty fast on this part.  Then I used the semi circle that was cut out from the neck as the flap for my pocket on the onesie.  Great way of recycling and working with what we already have.  I used Buttons Galore & More Baby Boy button and attached Want2Scrap boy charm to the backing of the stork button.  I applied my pocket, flowers, and ribbon, before I adhered the Maxxi Girl Pearls.  I find it alot easier to apply my bling once everything is in place
So, there you have it.  A cute and simple Baby Onesie using Want2Scrap Charms and Bling!  Now what baby wouldn't want to rock this onesie out!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Create an Antique Chic Cameo Button Envelope and Card

Create an Antique Chic Cameo Button Envelope and Card with a few easy steps.  Its just so simple that with a few easy supplies you can create an envelope that will wow anyone.
I'm  Design Team member for Buttons Galore & More, and part of my DT package I got some awesome cameo buttons that are just gorgeous.
There is so much you can create with Cameo Buttons.   When, you think of buttons you immediately think about things like shirts or some type of sewing project, but the truth is that you can  create anything with buttons.  Honestly, the sky is the limit when it comes to buttons. The project that I created for you today is an envelope and card using Cameo Buttons as closures.  Buttons Galore & More made this project super fun for me, because the Cameo Buttons and  Haberdashery Buttons were gorgeous and I found the perfect paper to go with it from We R Memory Keepers “Antique Chic”.  This paper collection went very well with the Cameo Buttons!  To create this project it was super fun and super easy.
Antique Chic Cameo button

Ingredients for making the Cameo Button Envelope & Card:

Buttons Galore & More Products used:

Promotional Products Used:

  • Clearsnap ColorBox Black Cat’s Eye Archival Dye
  • Clearsnap Cat’s Eye White Pigment
I also used:
  • Kraft Paper (Hobby Lobby brand)
  • We R Memory Keepers Antique Chic Paper Collection
  • Hot Glue/Sticks
  • Maya Road Black Twine
  • Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Ink
  • Scor Tape
  • Want2Scrap Fancy Frame
  • Want2Scrap Black Rhinestone Swirl
  • Ad Tech Glue Runner adhesive
  • Paper Studio Fibers
  • Karlas001 Rosette Ribbon
  • Sewing Machine
The envelope itself is 4 x 5″ and the card is 3 1/2 x 4 1/2″.  To give it a more elegant look I used a sewing machine and stitched the layers.  I hope you enjoy the video I created showing you how to create this beautiful envelope and card using Buttons Galore & More Cameo  & Haberdashery Buttons.  Be sure to visit Buttons Galore & More website for your buttons at

Directions for creating the Envelope and Card:

Step One:
Envelope measurements
Step Two:
envelope measurement2
Step Three:
envelopement measurement3
Here is a link to my video tutorial:

Visit Buttons Galore and More at  I hope you enjoyed my first project!