Thursday, January 10, 2013

Shabby Chic Altered Projects

I am really all about altering projects and giving something that is plain a whole new look!  When I am at my local thrift shops, I am always out looking for something that is unique and desires a second chance.  The following are just a few that I have altered and transformed into something spectacular!!!

I used Scrapbook Stamp Society's Digi's for these projects, so please be sure to visit to purchase these and many more of their digi's.  

This digi is one of Morgan Fitzsimons Digi's Cameo 5A!

Here is another one of Morgan's Cameo digi's, and this one is Cameo 1 A and can be found

It's amazing what you can do with copic markers, lace, paint, and just so you know the paper flowers were made by me.  So, I hope you enjoy this great projects that I shared with you today, however, I have one more project that I want to share with you.
Back when I was about 18 there was a thing about straw hats, and I would go to Joann Fabrics pickup these straw hats and decorate them.  Well, 23 years later I couldn't resist the temptation and I brought a simple straw hat only this time I painted the hat with acrylic paint, added flowers, lace, and other embellishments to create a totally Shabby Hat!!!

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