Friday, May 17, 2013

Fairy Fantasy Mama - Crystal Lacquer

I truly enjoyed working on this next project for Sakura Hobby Craft, and it not only enabled me to create something in honor of my Mother, but it also let me play with Sakura's 3D Crystal Lacquer, I can't tell you how much I really love playing with Sakura's Crystal Lacquer.

Now as many of you already know we are all participating in a Fantasy Blog Hop for Sakura, and when I say we I mean the Design Team for Sakura Hobby Craft.  We have all be eager to show off her Fantasy project using Sakura's products, and I finally get to show it off.

Photo: In just a few days, Fairies, Gnomes, and magical Art.

Many of you already know that my mom past away, so the title for my project is Fairy Fantasy Mama!  My mom was my biggest supporter and she is knew how much I loved Butterflies and Fairies, well, I took that and used those elements along with Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer and created this lovely piece, and I hope you enjoy it.

If you look carefully my Fairy Fantasy Mama (MOM) has a glitter/shimmer look and that was created using the 3D Crystal Lacquer and Terri Sprouls Shimmer Mixers!  Isn't she just lovely!  

Now this frame did not look like this before, I actually picked it up at my local Goodwill and it was definitely needing a new facelift, and that is what I did using paints, stamps, and stencils!

Her wings are actually made from a nylon butterfly and I applied the 3D Crystal Lacquer that I mixed with Terri Sproul's Shimmer Mixer right onto the nylon wings and it turned out AWESOME!  

I also lacquered my picture with the Crystal Lacquer mixed with Terri Sproul's Clear Shimmer and glitter.  It gave my project that gorgeous shimmery touch.

So, here is just what I did to create this lovely Fairy Fantasy Mama using Sakura's Crystal Lacquer.

As you all know my first step is to gather all my supplies, which is the following:

I have to say it was fun to create this project but it took about 3 hrs to create, because I had to strip my frame that I picked up at my local Goodwill from the dreadful paper and it was covered with glue.

You can do this with any frame that you pickup at your local Thrift Shop.

Step Two  FRAME:

Once, I stripped the frame and discovered it was bare unpainted wood, I decided to prime the frame using Gesso.  I then painted the frame with a black acrylic paint from Apple Barrel.  I let this sit for a few minutes before I applied my Crackle Medium.  I put a thick coat of the medium only because I wanted big thick cracks.  When applying the crackle use long stokes and make sure you cover the entire area and let it sit for at least 30 minutes.  I had to speed this process so I used my heat gun to speedup the drying process of the crackle.  I then put my final coat of the light color acrylic paint, and you can immediately see how it starts to crackle.

I then set this aside to dry and proceeded to my next step.

Step Three PICTURE:

I used watercolor paper to draw my mom, and it really doesn't have to be perfect and it just fun to draw something that has a big head and a small body, but that is what makes Mixed Media cool, it can be whatever you make it out to be.  So, it can be a Fairy Fantasy of your Mom, which is what I created.

I colored in my mom using PrismaColor Watercolor pencils and with a wet paintbrush I blended in the colors on her face and hair.  

I adhered pieces of odd pieces of decorative paper I had laying around so they are just scraps that I had.  The sky I also used watercolor paints and blended that in throughout the picture.

To finish the picture off, I mixed Sakura Crystal Lacquer with some of Terri Sproul's Shimmer Mixers and a bit of glitter from Doodlebug, mixed well and instead of using Mod Podge I used Sakura's Crystal Lacquer and brushed it all over my drawing to completely cover it and it gave my project a lacquer shine!

I glued a few embellishments such as the butterfly wings on my mom and wrote a few messages using a Zig Memory black writer pen.

Step Four Stencil & Stamps:

Now that I had my drawing done I just focused on finishing up the frame.  Using several stamps I painted my frame over all the crackled frame.  Be sure to use a Staz On ink for this step otherwise you will have a mess. I then used some plaster that I picked up at my local Home Depot, because I didn't find Medium around here.  I used a Prima Stencil and Want2Scrap stencil, I applied the plaster directly to the stencil using a spatula.  I carefully lifted the stencils and kept moving that around the frame.  Now this has to dry for at least an hour, because you will then spritz certain areas.  I strongly recommend letting it dry completely for at least 1-2 hours.

Once that is done I then, took a small bowl mixed a bit of dylusion Ink spray and mixed with a bit of water to dilute and with a paper towel I damped the towel into the mixture and I damped some areas of the frame.
Let it dry and then glue your embellishments to the frame.  My metal butterfly is one that used the Crystal Lacquer to give the butterfly a 3D embellished effect.

So there you have it a Fairy Fantasy Mama Crystal Lacquer frame!  I HOPE you enjoyed this project and I invite you to visit the other Design Team Members blogs and leave us some comments.  One lucky  person will WIN!!!! WINNING IS GOOD SO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS HOP AND ENTER TO WIN.


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  1. I love this project Mai, the background and colors, the butterflies and the girl! love it all!

  2. Your artwork is fantastic. What a lovely piece to remember your mother by. I can easily see why she was such a huge support to you. Great details Mai. I especially like the wispy hair. Well done.

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  4. Lovely project and well thought out! Beautiful artwork! Thanks!

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  6. Your Mother's tribute is awesome and she would be very proud of it I am sure! I can;t believe how you i improved you frame, I defiantly will follow your instructions as I have so many frames that need work!
    Thanks for all the materiasl list and instructions, I google Plus you blog and will pin if possible! smiles, cyndi

  7. Me encanto tu propuesta Mai, Suerte en el Blog Hop,

  8. Mai - This is really lovely. I love the portrait of your Mom. And I think the Crystal Lacquer really added to the project.

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    I so want to try that stuff.

  11. this is fantastic. i love your mom and the frame. your mom is so proud of you. im loving your frame.

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  14. She is beautiful, what a wonderful tribute to your mother!!!! Love the sparkle TS Shimmer gave your picture! Thanks for sharing.

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  16. Thank you so much ladies for visiting my blog and loving my artwork.

  17. Hola Mai I love It!! esta divino

  18. I miss my mom, too. I can tell this was really special to you. I want to go find thrift store frames that I can redo now! Thanks for the ideas!


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