Sunday, January 6, 2013

Playful Stamps

Playful Stamps

I have taken stamping in a cool and fun way of stamping. I used several cool steps to get these stamping affects. Now it's not something new, but it's something that is fun to do especially when you have cool stamps , heat gun, embossing powder, and some pigment powders!

I really like altering old boxes that I find at the Goodwill or any thriftshop.  These were recycled saved and here is what I created with them.  They went from being super boring to super chic!!! It's amazing what you can create with paint, distressing liquid, stamps, and other cute embellishments.  Awesome way of thinking outside the box!!

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  1. Estas cajitas estan Hermosas! Me encantan! Tu trabajo luce mucho!


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