Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shadow Box & Memories

My husband's grandfather recently past away and he was given a lot of his WWII pictures, which I created a Shadow Box.  My husband was so proud of his grandfather and the fact that he served during WWII.  His grandfather served as a Captain in the Army and was stationed in Japan.

We got so many awesome pictures of Japan and the soldiers, but I wanted to create something that we could cherish forever.  As many of you already know, I love bling and I totally love Want2Scrap's bling.  Not only are they affordable, but they are the best in the market.

I used several things to create this shadow box, but I wanted to keep as simple as possible, because my husband's grandfather was not one that liked to brag about his time in the service. 

I purchased the shadow boxes already painted from Scrapbook USA Expo this past March, and they are about 8 x 8", but perfect for this project.


Painted the Antique Hardware with black acrylic paint and embellished it with Want2Scrap's 72 count LeCreme Pearls.

I used burlap and Tim & Season's paper collection to give the picture that vintage look.

I was a bit nervous, because after all they are original pictures and I don't normally like to show pictures of my family especially after a lot of harassment by individuals that do not have anything better to do with their time, but I think that my husband was very proud of his grandfather and it was just perfect after all the heartaches he and his family has had to encounter these past several months.

When using originals just be sure that you preserve them well and that you make at least several copies just in case there is an accident to the original.  You never know with inks how the pictures will do, so I recommend making copies.

I hope you enjoy these Shadow Boxes and be sure to stop by Want2Scrap for your next bling purchase.

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